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Arthur Clark . Science - Fiction ou Voyance ????

Comme  je  l' ai  préciser  dans  un  autre  sujet  ,  certains  auteurs  de  Science - Fiction  sembleraient  visualiser   l' avenir  scientifiques  de  nos  sociétés  . Ils  en  perçevaient  la  finalité  .

Mais  d' ou  venaient  leurs  inspirations  ???

Probablement  qu'  ils  visitent  certaines  sphères  temporelles  parallèles ou  seraient  enregistré  notre  futur  .  Les  grands  visionnaires  ( Nostradamus  - la mère  Shipton  - Edgar  Cayce  )  ,  faisaient  de  même  .

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Arthur C. Clarke - Wikipédia

En août 1956, l'auteur de science-fiction Arthur C. Clarke a écrit une lettre à son ami Andrew G. Haley.

Dans cette lettre, il prédit  avec une précision stupéfiante le GPS et les systèmes de télévision par satellite actuels.

Il y explique notamment être persuadé que les relais satellites vont révolutionner les communications mondiales. Sa vision décrit un système de satellites en orbite capables de transmettre sans censure des chaines de télévision partout sur la planète, et aussi un appareil de la taille d'une montre permettant de connaitre sa position géographique.

Aug 56

Dear Andy,

Odd that we should have crossed in the post!

I am afraid that I am too much out of touch with current communication theory and technique to provide much of value for you. (In any event, all my war-time experience was in radar, not radio.)

As you may know, my main interest in this subject is in the use of satellite relays, which I think may revolutionise the pattern of world communications. To the best of my knowledge, I was the first to suggest this possibility (see "Extraterrestrial Relays", Wireless World, October 45). By another odd coincidence I've just sent my agent an article on these lines, entitled "The Billion Dollar Moon", giving my latest view on this subject. My general conclusions are that perhaps in 30 years the orbital relay system may take over all the functions of existing surface networks and provide others quite impossible today. For example, the three stations in the 24-hour orbit could provide not only an interference and censorship-free global TV service for the same power as a single modern transmitter, but could also make possible a position-finding grid whereby anyone on earth could locate himself by means of a couple of dials on an instrument about the size of a watch. (A development of Decca and transistorisation.) It might even make possible world-wide person-to-person radio with automatic dialling. Thus no-one on the planet need ever get lost or become out of touch with the community, unless he wanted to be. I'm still thinking about the social consequences of this!

But as for details of frequencies and powers, I'll have to leave that to the experts to work out; I'll get on with my science fiction and wait to say "I told you so!"


(Signed, 'Arthur')

Arthur C Clarke

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